25 Years of Marriage Without Killing Each Other

You can buy the book on Amazon right now.

Our marriage started 25 years ago while we were teenagers and though we made the choice to marry, we weren’t prepared. Our early years were spent learning about each other and how to be adults.

The progression of our marriage has seen kids, jobs, houses, pets and more. Happiness was a constant in our marriage and continues without fail to this day.

This book is written for those who find themselves in a marriage where happiness isn’t occurring, in need of a kick start or those who are newly married. We list the 10 actions we consider the prime reasons we’ve had 25 years of happiness and expand on those ideas, so you can gather what you’d like from our experience. This isn’t a marriage bible or spell book, just what we’ve found to nourish our marriage.

Will it help your marriage? We hope so, but you’ll have to be the final arbiter. Our marriage isn’t perfect and we still have the normal ups and downs including parenting and finance disagreements. Through it all, we still find these 10 actions are the principles that keep our marriage happy and going strong.

We believe marriage is a life long investment of commitment, though it isn’t easy. The investment leads to a payoff of a lifetime of fun, appreciation and love. Finding your own inspiration for your marriage in the book is our hope.

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Tracking your time and tasks when writing

I am horrible at keeping on track and focused. Part of me thinks this is a benefit to my development as a person, but the other part thinks it limits what I can do productively.

The one tool that keeps me focused and motivated is hitask. It is a web based time and task tracker that works the way I do. The layout is simple and it is easy to move from one thing to another.

The folks behind the site don’t seem to be full of themselves and caught up in their brand image. They just develop a good tool that people want to use.

What I love about their product:

  • Timer – I can start a timer on tasks and let it roll.
  • Notes – Anything can have a note associated with it.
  • No plugins – I can run it on a basic browser without needing to download anything.

hitask can keep you on track when you’re writing.




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Revenue generation in the blog network

Continuing the discussion of the FortheInfo blog network, I thought it would be a good idea to touch on revenue generation.

There are a number of things I’ve tried for generating revenue in the blog network:

Adsense: The most common method of generating revenue on a site is Adsense. Google’s contextual advertising program always performed well for me, but I could never break through. It seemed as if my revenue was capped at a certain limit and was throttled. I have no evidence to back this up, but it led to my being suspicious of Google. Of course, I love them for providing the program, but I wish there was more transparency.

Amazon Associates: Amazon allows you to sell products for them and you earn a commission. I still use this program and it generates revenue regularly. The only issue I experience is keeping the product links updated. There are a number of very old links I have on the sites that no longer lead to a specific product.

Clickbank: Affiliate marketing should be easy and Clickbank makes it so. Sorta. I started with them, sold some things, but never saw any money. Various fees sucked down all the money I generated. lol. It was really frustrating trying to figure out why they kept taking money away and I could never get a straight answer.

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FortheInfo Blog Network Sites and Descriptions

Way back when Blog Networks were trendy, I decided to get into the business. One day I’ll explain how our sports network was a little early in the marketplace. Right now, though, there are a number of blogs in the network.

I use the term network very loosely, as I don’t sell advertising across the networks or anything like that. They are just the sites content is generated for.

Active Blog Network Sites

Sports Injury Blog – The Disabled List shows common sports injuries and how to deal with them. The site was started due to the lack of real world, helpful information.

Reviews of Everything – Fine Reviews is my personal thumb up the nose of UGC sites. It makes no sense to me why people contribute to Yelp, Amazon, etc. sharing their experiences. Those companies then own what you say and make money off of it. I also rolled the former movie review website into Fine Reviews.

Information Blog – Webcasty is an offshoot of my late 1990s, early 2000s goal of bringing old information to the world. Thanks to Google and their book scanning efforts, the site is relatively unused now. I still contribute old papers, recipes and more I created to it.

Technology Business Blog – Yald is my personal site and where I pontificate on technology, news and business. It really is a catch-all with some old, embarrassing stuff on it.

What does FortheInfo create?

FortheInfo is publishing.

Information publishing.

Friction free information.

There are many companies designed around publishing, but very few focus on making the information concise, affordable and friction free.

FortheInfo’s simple goal is to provide concise, affordable and friction free information.

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