Revenue generation in the blog network

Continuing the discussion of the FortheInfo blog network, I thought it would be a good idea to touch on revenue generation.

There are a number of things I’ve tried for generating revenue in the blog network:

Adsense: The most common method of generating revenue on a site is Adsense. Google’s contextual advertising program always performed well for me, but I could never break through. It seemed as if my revenue was capped at a certain limit and was throttled. I have no evidence to back this up, but it led to my being suspicious of Google. Of course, I love them for providing the program, but I wish there was more transparency.

Amazon Associates: Amazon allows you to sell products for them and you earn a commission. I still use this program and it generates revenue regularly. The only issue I experience is keeping the product links updated. There are a number of very old links I have on the sites that no longer lead to a specific product.

Clickbank: Affiliate marketing should be easy and Clickbank makes it so. Sorta. I started with them, sold some things, but never saw any money. Various fees sucked down all the money I generated. lol. It was really frustrating trying to figure out why they kept taking money away and I could never get a straight answer.

PayPerPost: I did this back in the day and felt slimy doing it. It was a sponsored blog post deal where you would write a post for link juice to a site. The good thing is that I did put disclaimers on my posts prior to any rules saying you had to. The bad thing was that it gave you a dirty feeling. The proper term is now SPONSORED CONVERSATIONS. lol

Regardless of what I’ve tried there are three things that make you money:

  1. Good content
  2. Traffic
  3. Good content

Seriously, it’s the content.

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