Revenue generation in the blog network

Continuing the discussion of the FortheInfo blog network, I thought it would be a good idea to touch on revenue generation.

There are a number of things I’ve tried for generating revenue in the blog network:

Adsense: The most common method of generating revenue on a site is Adsense. Google’s contextual advertising program always performed well for me, but I could never break through. It seemed as if my revenue was capped at a certain limit and was throttled. I have no evidence to back this up, but it led to my being suspicious of Google. Of course, I love them for providing the program, but I wish there was more transparency.

Amazon Associates: Amazon allows you to sell products for them and you earn a commission. I still use this program and it generates revenue regularly. The only issue I experience is keeping the product links updated. There are a number of very old links I have on the sites that no longer lead to a specific product.

Clickbank: Affiliate marketing should be easy and Clickbank makes it so. Sorta. I started with them, sold some things, but never saw any money. Various fees sucked down all the money I generated. lol. It was really frustrating trying to figure out why they kept taking money away and I could never get a straight answer.

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What does FortheInfo create?

FortheInfo is publishing.

Information publishing.

Friction free information.

There are many companies designed around publishing, but very few focus on making the information concise, affordable and friction free.

FortheInfo’s simple goal is to provide concise, affordable and friction free information.

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