25 Years of Marriage Without Killing Each Other

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Our marriage started 25 years ago while we were teenagers and though we made the choice to marry, we weren’t prepared. Our early years were spent learning about each other and how to be adults.

The progression of our marriage has seen kids, jobs, houses, pets and more. Happiness was a constant in our marriage and continues without fail to this day.

This book is written for those who find themselves in a marriage where happiness isn’t occurring, in need of a kick start or those who are newly married. We list the 10 actions we consider the prime reasons we’ve had 25 years of happiness and expand on those ideas, so you can gather what you’d like from our experience. This isn’t a marriage bible or spell book, just what we’ve found to nourish our marriage.

Will it help your marriage? We hope so, but you’ll have to be the final arbiter. Our marriage isn’t perfect and we still have the normal ups and downs including parenting and finance disagreements. Through it all, we still find these 10 actions are the principles that keep our marriage happy and going strong.

We believe marriage is a life long investment of commitment, though it isn’t easy. The investment leads to a payoff of a lifetime of fun, appreciation and love. Finding your own inspiration for your marriage in the book is our hope.

Thanks for picking up our book and if you find it helpful, please let others know. Patrick and Melissa


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